Sunday, October 23

RIP Marco Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli,  20 January 1987 - 23 October 2011
Innalillahi wa innalillahi roji'un, Rest in peace Marco Simoncelli.
Meninggal hari ini karena kecelakaan waktu race di Sepang Circuit Malaysia.
Padahal ini race terakhir season ini. Dan meskipun gak bakal jadi world champion, dia lumayan bright futurenya di raceworld. Innalillahi..
Akibat kecelakaan yang sama, Collin Edwards dikabarkan kritis.
Info lengkap silahkan cari sendiri.


“After a tragedy like that there's not much you can say. I saw Marco's father and the only thing we could do was to hold each other hard in our arms. We often forget this is a dangerous sport. It's obvious we are doing what we want to do but nothing is worth a day like this. -Dani Pedrosa

When something like this happens you remember how precious life is. I feel sick right through, I can only say my thoughts are for his family.” -Casey Stoner

Valentino is shocked by this incident. Valentino is a strong man but this incident is a big tragedy. He has lost a good friend. Marco is a wonderful person. He is friendly with everybody. He loved this sport,” -Vittoriano Gureschi (Ducati Manager)


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