Wednesday, November 2

I am hyped!

After a long time of waiting (not actually long, but it feels like a century), finally, tomorrow is the D Day!

See, tomorrow will be the third of November so yeah, it's the day of mid-semester excursion. I AM HYPED. Just can't wait! Because I know it would be super fantabsome.
Actually the destination of KTS this year is not-very-fantastic, but it still fantastic. Got it? No? Me too, don't worry.

I am super excited. I mean, the times we spend with our friends are amazing right? Yeah! This is what I am talkin about, guys. Its not only about experience and knowledge and blahblahblah, it's about togetherness! And I can't wait to play those adrenaline-pumping stuffs!

Eventhough 8H is not going to be in the same bus, but it doesn't really matter. The 8H girls(except Salsaariella and Endah, sadly) are in the same bus with 8I kids. The good thing is, Mrs.SNS is not going in the same bus with me! Yeay! (partyrockanthem) Btw, actually 8Hstudents planned something very wicked for our teacher, but, oh, that was just a joke. But the idea is pretty amazing and crazy. (insert evil smirk)

But, after KTS, I have to follow LDKS at spensix. ouch. That's gross. I would be so tired this weekend. (lebay).
But it doesn't matter! I'm still as happy as a bubble under the sunshine! (?)

Nah, I already prepared anything I need(I guess).
So I'm gonna sleep and take some rest so I wouldn't be  limp
See yah<3

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