Friday, December 16

About Alex :)

Dapet temen baru dari omegle. Namanya Alex, 16years old, dari Canada. Suka main video games, baca buku fantasi dan horor, suka musik trance, pake kacamata, rambut coklat mata coklat, anak tunggal. Dia bisa bahasa Prancis sama English :o Tapi dia nggak punya banyak temen, soalnya orang di sekolahnya nggak suka sama nerd. Dan dia nerd. Tapi menurutku nerds are cool. Dia asik bgtttt anaknya. Dia bilang 'every girls are special. you're not ordinary.' :)Lihat chatnya yuk. Aku tau ini panjang banget(:

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hello
You: hi :)
You: asl?
Stranger: asl?
You: 13 f Indonesia
Stranger: 16 m canada
You: alright
You: honestly, I don't know what to talk about
Stranger: hm...
Stranger: how are you? :P
You: Not too fine :( you?
Stranger: why? im good btw
You: I'm having a headache-_-
Stranger: aw...
You: umm, what time is it there?
Stranger: aroundddd 21h39
You: PM?
Stranger: and you?
Stranger: yeah pm
You: 9.40 am
You: wow, 12 hours difference
Stranger: yeah xD
You: may I know your name?
Stranger: yeah sure my name is Alex
Stranger: and whats your?
You: Heidi :)
Stranger: nice to meet you Heidi
You: nice to meet you too
You: do you have any social network account?
Stranger: nope
You: oh okay
Stranger: =/
You: what do you want to talk about? :P
Stranger: i dont know
You: me too
Stranger: what kind of music do you like? :P
You: basically I like pop. you? :D
Stranger: i love trance
You: cool
Stranger: but i dont like pop
You: why?
Stranger: i dont really know... xD
You: lol
You: whats your favorite movie?
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: i dont really have a favorite movie... but i really liked Lord of the ring
You: nice. I've never watched lord of the ring btw
Stranger: :O
You: yeah, I'm not interested hehe
Stranger: but its an awsome movie!
You: btw sorry for my bad english and wrong grammars
Stranger: yeah its fine. my first language is not english too
You: haha I know, my friends told me that too. maybe I'll watch it next time :p
You: :O so what's your first language?
Stranger: french :P
You: I always want to speak french! It sounds cool, really.
Stranger: its hard =/
You: Yeah:(
Stranger: i prefer english
You: so, you use english in daily life?
Stranger: nope
Stranger: where i live its almost only french
Stranger: but i prefer english
You: okay, I got it xD
Stranger: everyone use english... and its soooo easier than french
You: I use Indonesian. For me its a lot easier than english. lol
Stranger: lol ^^
You: :D
You: what are you doing right now?
Stranger: im watching tv, playing a really boring flash game and im chatting with you `^
Stranger: :P*
You: lol
Stranger: what about you?
You: just chatting with you and watching some videos on youtube.. I have nothing to do :/
Stranger: cool ^^
You: :D
You: Tell me more about yourself if you want to :p
Stranger: well... what do you wanna know?
You: I dont know.. what do you want to tell? :p
Stranger: i dont know what to say... lol
You: okay, just tell me about what you like to do, your hair color and that kind of stuff :|
Stranger: i have brown hair, i love playing video games and reading
You: cool. I love reading too!
Stranger: nice :)
You: what kind of book do you read?
Stranger: fantastic or horror
Stranger: my fav book is Eragon
You: nice. mine is Percy Jackson and The Olympians, and other Rick Riordan's books. Well I also like the chronichles of Narnia
Stranger: and you? whats your fav book?
Stranger: i never read any books from Rick Riordan
You: They're great :D a lot of adventures, actions, humors, everything.
Stranger: I already readed the chronicles of Narnia. it was nice
You: great ^^
Stranger: what else about me...
Stranger: i wear glasses
You: alright, what's the color of your eyes? :D (I don't know why I'm asking this)
Stranger: lol ^^ my eyes are brown
Stranger: thats pretty much about me.... do you want to know anything else?
You: not really but if you wanna tell me something I'll listen lol
You: fyi, I have black hair & eyes :D
Stranger: yeah talk about yourself now :P
You: well.. I'm just an ordinary girl who loves to read, watch movies (especially which involves racing-stuff) and I don't like mathematics. lol
Stranger: every girls are special :P your not ordinary
You: haha I hope so, thanks btw :D
Stranger: i dont like math too
You: yeah. actually I liked math. but when it comes to algebras, I hate it.
Stranger: and im in like "advanced" math classes
Stranger: algebras is sooo easy :P
You: that means you're smart right? algebra's confusing x_x
You: what grade are you in?
Stranger: hmm there is no grade where i live...
You: oooh
Stranger: i have 16 years old if it can help you
You: lol ^^
Stranger: im like in secondary 5
Stranger: 4*
You: i have no idea what is that lol
You: do you wear uniforms to school?
Stranger: i have 1 more year to do in high school
Stranger: nope i dont ^^
Stranger: i hate uniforms
Stranger: and you?
You: i have to wear uniforms. schools here have strict rules :(
Stranger: aw...
Stranger: do you like it?
You: of course not. but we've got no choice. besides, I already get used to it lol
Stranger: lol
You: after finishing high school, will you go to university?
Stranger: yeah i will
You: cool
Stranger: and you?
You: just the same
You: do you have any siblings?
Stranger: siblings? i dont know what this word mean
You: like sisters and brothers
Stranger: oh
Stranger: nope i dont
Stranger: you?
You: i have one younger sister :D
Stranger: lucky :P
You: kind of.. but my sister can be very annoying sometimes -_-
Stranger: how old she is?
You: 8 (:
Stranger: oh ok right
You: you know what, this is the longest chats I've ever had on omegle lol
Stranger: yeah me too i think ^^
You: it's really nice to talk to you ^^
Stranger: yeah its nice to talk to you too :)
You: its too bad that after we disconnect this chat, we wouldnt have any chance to talk to each other
Stranger: right =/
You: do you have email address?
Stranger: yeah i do
You: well.. you can email me here if you want to:
You: :p
Stranger:do you want it?
Stranger: mine is
You: alright thanks :)
Stranger: and... i dont remember my Gmail adress XD
You: it's okay :D we can send email to another email sites right?
Stranger: yeah we can
You: great
Stranger: im trying to remember my gmail adress...
You: haha good luck :p
Stranger: i just never remember the numbers
You: lol
You: I ever forgot my email address too. so i made a new one
Stranger: what to say...
You: dunno.....
Stranger: hmmm...
You: its awkward....
Stranger: yeah lol
Stranger: what do you like to do in general? (instead of watching videos and reading)
You: spending time with friends :) you?
Stranger: playing video games.... i prefer stay at home alone then spend my time with friends
You: why? :o i think its nice to do many things with friends lol
Stranger: i dont have a lot of friends... and im really shy
You: oh, that's too bad :( I'm sure people will like you, you're nice, just try to open up a little bit:)
Stranger: hm...
Stranger: people at my school dont really like "nerds" like me
You: i think nerds are cool. they're kind of different with the others, but once we've got to know them, they're actually cool. well maybe I'm considered as nerd too :D
Stranger: yeah
You: :)
Stranger: idk what to awnser xD
Stranger: so...
You: its okay lol
Stranger: alright ^^
You: ^_^
Stranger: what to say xD
Stranger: do you like cooking?
You: yes xD but im a horrible chef lol
You: you like cooking?
Stranger: not really
Stranger: i can only make rice ( i love rice) and eggs xD
You: i eat rice everyday lol
Stranger: im a rice addict :P
You: nice. rice is Indonesian people's main food xD
Stranger: do you have a pet?
You: yes, i have hamsters lol. they're cute.
You: how about you?
Stranger: i dont have one =/
Stranger: i would like to have a cat
Stranger: im pretty sure i will get one when i will get an house ^^
You: awesome.. do you have any idea for the cat's name? :D
You: i always want a cat but my mom refused to let me have it :(
Stranger: aw...
Stranger: i didnt really think of a name from now
Stranger: do you have any ideas?
You: girls name or boys name? lol
Stranger: hmm
Stranger:both :O
Stranger: :P*
You: what about 'Heidi'? lmao justkidding
Stranger: good idea!!! ^^
Stranger: well... if it will be a male
You: I'm not good with male names :/
Stranger: its fine ^^
Stranger: female names?
Stranger: do you have any ideas?
You: girls name or boys name? lol
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: both :O
Stranger: :P*
You: what about 'Heidi'? lmao justkidding
Stranger: good idea!!! ^^
Stranger: well... if it will be a male
You: I'm not good with male names :/
Stranger: its fine ^^
Stranger: female names?
You: no idea right now x_x
Stranger: lol...
You: hey I think I've gotta go offline. My mom just came home.
Stranger: nooo =(
You: Sorry :((
Stranger: cmmon =/
You: I haven't take a bath yet lol
You: seriously gotta go :((
Stranger: so...? its like 11h am
Stranger: fine...
You: my mom's yelling >_<
Stranger: later i hope :)
You: we can talk again via emails right? :)
Stranger: yeah
You: bye alex
Stranger: bya Heidi

 and yeah that was it. longest chat I've ever had.:) belakangan aku tau waktu email-an, namanya dia Alexandre Odesse. Bagus banget kan?

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