Tuesday, December 6


We sneaked out to the balcony.
I sat on a wooden chair and you just stand.
No, it's not like on those romance movies, where the boy confess his love to the girl.
No, it's not like that.
We just enjoyed the moment, looked up to the night sky,
Watched the fallen soft raindrops
Watched the orange light of streetlamps shone.

There's no stars above the horizon, neither moon.
It was cold, but you (literally) were warm. You always are.
And we talked.
Not so important, but more than enough for me.
Enough to made me laugh and smile.
Not much, but more than enough for me.
Enough to made me forget all the problems I had.
And did you realize? We wore a kind of similar clothes. Well yeah it's not mine, so it was a...magical coincidence.
Maybe to you it was nothing, but to me, that was something I want to remember.
And yeah, I know it's cliche, but seems like you can always bring me some happiness. (not to mention that you're also annoying most of the times!)
Hey, but I like it. What a crazy little thing called love. What? I didn't say I love you. (It's too early to conclude.)
You're that kind of perfect boy, with talents and all, and me, just like an.......ordinary girl. Maybe worse than ordinary. But I don't care about statuses. It doesn't really matter. To be beside you, see you, hear your voice, it's already great.

 And for this thing, I don't put much hope. Like I said, I'm grateful for I have right now. 

P.S. : I love when you look at me with that smile plastered on your face. You are adorably cute.
P.S.(2): Pssh, I'm waiting for another moment like that. :3

for anyone who read this(especially Ifa): gak usah menyimpulkan macem macem ya._.

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