Monday, October 22

First and Second Weekends of October

Oke maaf. Maklum nih baru selesai UTS mwa-ha-ha jadi agak agak gimana gitu ya hm-_-
Talking about UTS, bete banget Fisikaku gak dapet 100 ngh salah 1, betee-_- #curhat
Oke stop. aku mau cerita nih tapi maybe it will sounds plain and downright boring so I guess you can do whatever you pleased to do. (ignorant Dira mode: on)

The first weekend of October this year, I went to Jember for an East Java-Bali Biology Olympiad. Lemme tell ya something: it was REALLY hard. At the end, our team (me, Adra and Rizkia) got the 6th place :'D It's okay though, we tried our hardest.

Universitas Jember

Big trees

Bird Nest

Looked fat-_-

Adra :))

From....apa itu namanya bolongan mata di pintu hotel.

Hotel room bwahaha 

Okay! Days went on and we're on the 2nd week of October! This time we were going to Purwokerto (again!!)
So. It was actually just A day before UTS so I wasnt really excited, but I tagged along anyway. And the saturday night my fams and I along with my parents' friends were havin something kind of a camping. Without tents.
My sis and I were sleeping in the car.With the backseat flipped so we sorta got cozy. The adults? Well they were sleeping outside with just a mat. (Trust me, it was freezin. Doesnt matter though, they all are ex-'Pecinta Alam')
The next morning, me, sis, mum, and her friend (idk her name hehe) went to a little waterfall somewhere near the 'camping ground'. Yes it was small but the view is beautiful. Not the most beautiful waterfall, though.

UNFORTUNATELY I was kind of in a badmood so my shoots are SUCKS. SHAME ON ME RIIIIIGHT.
Anyway, check them out. *hide*

grumpy me and sis. JANGAN MBATIN YA.

mum and her friend

Bagus kan.

my fave hahahahaha

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