Tuesday, November 20


Hola amigos! 
So here's the thing. Last Saturday, mom and I watched Skyfall. Just the two of us cause Daddy and Sissy went to Jekardah.
And three words to say: amazing, fantastic, and thrilling.

I thought it's gonna be boring because some of my friends said so, and guess what? It's not boring at all! Eventhough the movie goes on for two and a half hour. Yeah.
And, even if it's embarrassing, I just want to tell you that this is sadly the first Bond movie I've watched......
But I'm so glad I decided to watch it this time. Woo-hoo!
Oh, and reciting my mom's comment; "the most appropriate James Bond film ever" .......okay. So there are two kissing scenes...... but it's kind of expected, knowing Bond's playboy personality.
For those who love James Bond movies, in Skyfall, the topics are connected to Bond's mysterius childhood and family stories. So, it's really exciting and making me all-curious.
About the settings, it's very interesting because there are various scenes in various cities: London, Shanghai, Macau, etc.
Anyway. I can't really describe it fully, so, for those who never watched a James Bond film before, you should give this one a shot! It's worth it. You wouldn't be disappointed;)

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