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Quick Review: Singapore Trip

Hi guys, it's been a long time since I last posted here. And now I'm going to tell you about my latest vacation/trip/adventure.
And this trip is not like the usual trips I've had. Because this time........I'm going to Singapore. Yeah. Probably not that amazing. But to me, it's a wholefully new experience. And I was so excited.
So here it is!!

Day 1: 25th of October 2012.
I went home early from school because my plane left at 4PM. And then I went home to packed up, then went straight to Juanda.
Passport and Boarding Pass
Bored on Plane.

Finally, we arrived at Changi Airport around 6PM and I was automatically amazed. Seriously, everything looked different. It even has drinking water stations, the one looked like washtable? Yeah. Amazing.

Out of Changi, we ordered a cab and went to our rented apartment near Orchard. After setting up all of our belongings there (which only consist of one luggage and one backpack), we strut around Orchard, one of the World's most famous street.              
A building in Orchard

Beautiful futuristic fountain.
And then we went to MRT station to go to Raffles Park.

Lets go!

Ticket booth for MRT. So modern.
MRT ticket
on MRT
After that, we walked around and took a few photos. 

The famous Fullerton
near Marina Bay

Me and the Merlion
Lovestruck by the car
The tall buildings

After some hours of walking, we got really tired and decided to go back to apartment, midnight already. 
The next day, we went to....Universal Studio! I was so excited cause I always admired this amusement park, and it felt like a dream to be there. :3 Let me tell you, that place is so damn amazing. I especially love the coasters: The  Revenge of The Mummy(roller coaster in the dark) and Battlestar Galatica(I cant even describe it because its soooo amazing). I also love the Transformers 4D ride. Reviews: This is..........heaven for people who seeks adrenaline pumps and funs.

Breakfast first! (the foods are not yummy, and expensive!)


After riding the Battlestar Galactica.


The New York zone. Someday Ill be in the real New York. AAMIIN.

We didn't enter, I can assure you that.

After we left the Universal Studio, we went to VivoCity for foods. Then, to Mustafa Center and Lucky Plaza to hunt souvenirs. Next Day? We went to Berasbasah for a little amount of time because we needed to go to airport. So....this is our morning walks, and then we went to Airport to go home.

Victoria Street

 Beautiful decor, it can moves and create a pattern.

Angry Birds fevers are everywhere. Beware.


There is even a cactus garden!


-Changi is the most awarded airport in the whole world. So, it's very magnificent. There's even a sky train to connect Terminal 1, 2, and 3. IMAGINE THAT. It would be amazing if Indonesia had an airport like that. Seriously, Changi looks like a mansion with carpeted floor, parks, and etc. 

-The transportation is amazing in Singapore. There's no crowded road. There is no 'angkot' or another nosy transportations. Everything is controlled. The buses were fast, there are types of buses for example: the two floor bus. (like in London!)
And we dont have to wait for long for the MRTs to come, they come every 6-10 minutes. The MRTs are full AC, fast, and economic. 
Plus, the pedestrian walks are very neat, designed very finely. Pedestrians can walk savely, cross the road savely(thanks to the automatic traffic light)

-The city is SO DAMN CLEAN. Seriously, nothing is out of place, and no litter can be found in unright places. This is magnificent.

*Actually there are a lot more I want to tell you about Singapore, as well as there are so many things I want to comment to. And more comparison between our beloved city and Singapore. 
But the post is going to be soooo long if I do that.

So, this is the end of my post.
Gracias for reading and stay tune for more posts!

Heidira-future world explorer.

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