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Star Trek Beyond: A Hopefully Unbiased Review

Before I start talking about this movie, a fair warning: Star Trek is my favorite science-fiction franchise. That being said, I'm trying my best to keep this review as unbiased as possible.

What I Expected

Honestly, even long before Star Trek Beyond is released, I had a nagging worry about how this third installment is going to turn out. I blame it on the trailer.
Here is my rant about the trailer I posted on line:

So, yeah. In my mind (and any other Star Trek fan, really), Star Trek is not just a bam-boom-zap action movie. It is a depiction of how the world of mankind will take shape in the future. Unlike Star Wars, which is completely built on a fantasy universe. Also, looking back to the 2009 Star Trek movie, we saw a glimpse of complex plot, complete with alternate timeline and time travel thingy. Star Trek also specializes in teasing the conscience of the viewers, making us think — it's a philosophy.

So imagine my surprise when the trailer came out, giving us loud bangs and scenes designed to make us laugh. I wondered then, is it an attempt to be more like Guardians of the Galaxy? Not that I have anything against that movie, in fact I really like it. It's just that Star Trek is something more...sophisticated and classy.

How The Movie Actually Goes:

Thank Goodness Star Trek Beyond is beyond better than its trailer. On the fkrst few moments of the movie, we are inside Captain Kirk's mind, being shown his existential crisis as a captain of the Enterprise. 'What is the point of exploration when we know that the universe endless?' he mused.

From that point, I knew that Star Trek Beyond is still essentially a part of a franchise that I adore. A science fiction action flick with depth.

So wait, wait, wait. What is this Star Trek Beyond about, again?
Star Trek Beyond tells a story about USS Enterprise crew being stranded on a foreign planet, due to a trap set by an enemy. Attacked with their ship broken, they got to find a way to get back to the nebula while defeating a powerful enemy.
The enemy, goes by the name Krall, is actually a pretty common kind of villain. Strong, driven and blinded by revenge, searching for a powerful device to help said revenge. Pretty familiar plot, huh? 

But not to worry, even with that kind of cliché Star Trek Beyond still manages to entertain us all with its originality and HELLA FUN ACTION SEQUENCES. 
I mean, the graphic is MINDBLOWING. Its like I can feel all the pull of gravity and the impacts of a crash. For full experience, I suggest watching on 3D or quality big screen like IMAX or CGV SphereX. Oh, and also there is a smart use of soundtrack in this movie.

Now about the characters. On this installment, I am happy to see that the story gives members of the crew more depth and more screentime, compared to the previous movies that focused more on Kirk, Spock, and their relationship. On Star Trek Beyond, we get to see more of Dr. McCoy's sassiness (complete with the trademark "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a blabla," quote.). 

For y'all Indonesians looking to find Joe Taslim here, lemme tell you, you're not gonna get much glimpse on his face, but I can tell you his character is not a mere minor.
Also I got a little "baper" watching this especially when our beloved Russian engineer Pavel Chekov is on screen. Can't believe the talented Anton Yelchin is gone now :(

Now that I've covered the good things, moving on to the less-appetizing aspects. On the final scenes, I think there were several plot gaps. Nothing crucial, but enough to make us get all like, 'Wait, what?" I'm not sure whether it was only me, but apparently my friend noticed it too. In the end, I was able to place those gaps in my head myself.

For Those Who Haven't Watch any Star Trek

One of the most common thing people ask me about a movie is: "I didn't watch the previous films, will I be confused watching this newest one?" 
Actually, no. Star Trek franchise tells a different adventure on each of the movies, with different enemies each.

However, there is one scene containing a reference to the first Star Trek installment that will make newbies wonder. Hint to make it easier: in the first Star Trek movie, Ambassador Spock from the future arrived at the present and met the actual-right now-Spock. So they are basically the same person. (mindfucked yet?) remember this little detail and you will be fine. But in order to FEEL the character developments like I did, its wise to do a marathon of Star Trek and Star Trek into darkness.

Rating This Movie

To recap this quite lengthy ramble, I give Star Trek Beyond 8.7/10. It fulfilled my expectations, but it could be a little better in my opinion. (+) to special effects and the overall enjoyment, (-) to a pretty basic plot.

Bonus: Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk is lookin hella fineeee.;)

Live long and prosper,

Captain Heidira.
Area lampiran

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