Saturday, August 20

Aesthetic Exploration

Berawal dari broadcast promosi event di line, aku dan Binceng mengunjungi pameran seni untuk pertama kalinya di Jogja.

Art Exhibition
"Alicia is Non-Existent: Thus She Creates Herself."
By: Dion Nataraja & Adrian Paanday

Tempatnya di Institut Francais, Jalan Sagan No.3. Alhamdulillah, nggak nyasar (much). Dari awal memang berencana ke Institut Francais buat tanya-tanya tentang kurus Perancis. Eh, malah ada pameran.

Binceng fotografer berbakat.
Pameran ini bertema bullying. "Alicia is a fictional character created to tell the theme of this exhibition. She has been humiliated until she feels traumatized. However, she tried to cope with herself."

The art exhibition is made up of paintings and photographs.
Apparently, manager exhibition ini adalah Alanis Angelita, coincidentally my classmate in HI. Awesome!

Judi, Angel, Binceng, Me.

Favorite corner.

my trip companion

I don't really understand art and am not an 'artsy' or 'hipster' person, but I'm so glad I came to this art exhibition.
The creators' instagram: Dion Nataraja (painter) and Adrian Paanday (photographer)

*Pictures in this post are taken by Binceng and I, with respectively Asus Zenfone and Oppo Neo 9

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