Saturday, October 22

When Will This Stop

I thought I heard a melody
I could not recognize it,
But it was a melancholic rhapsody
Reminds me of what happened here

This place used to be peaceful and serene
With cheerful kids and loving families
But now, look, look what this place had turn into

Playgrounds had turn into cemeteries
Ponds seemed like a pool of blood.
I remembered seeing  red, thick liquid flows from death bodies
I remembered hearing people’s agonizing screams,
Begging to be saved, thus they can carry on their lives.

There’s no more smile and happiness left
Only screams, wounds, hunger, and tears
There’s no sound of laugh
Only blaring gunshot and detonators
Leading civilians to their graves

Families scattered; fathers go to the battlefield,
Mothers hunt for utilities
Children crouch down in fear and trauma, terrified.
Is this what we called ‘World’?

I kept asking myself the same riddle I never could answer,
‘Why does war have to happen?’
I’m tired of seeing so many deaths
I couldn’t stand in this warfare

We didn’t need strong warriors,
We didn’t ask for an invincible hero
We wanted peace, we needed peace.
And yet I’m still wondering, when will this stop?

-Heidira Witri Handayani

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