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The Autumn Girl

as I promised, here it is. My first 'real' english short story.

The Autumn Girl

She sat alone in the quiet station. Her auburn hair was flown by the evening autumn wind. Autumn. Yeah, just like her name. Today reminded her about years ago. The same station, the same bench. She could still recall the memory like it was fresh from yesterday.

The train station was bustling that afternoon. People went to various directions, sounds of people’s talk blended with the loud voice from the loudspeaker. Little Autumn sat in one of the benches, her feet tapped nervously against the cold linoleum floor. This is the first time she had to go by train alone, even if it was just a short distance from downtown London to her home, the suburb of the city. Her eyes was darted to her watch when somebody dropped themself beside her. Autumn turned her head, and found a little blond boy her age, chewing his lip. Tears was pooling in his pretty grey eyes. Feeling watched, the boy looked at Autumn. “I’m lost. I cant find my sister,” he sighed. “Did you see her? She looked like me.” Autumn shook her head, and was silent before she felt the urge to comfort the poor boy. “Don’t cry, you’ll find her soon.” The boy nodded.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Autumn. And yours?”
“Autumn? Thats a pretty weird name! Mine is Louis.” Right now, his eyes were no longer looked sad. Autumn put on an annoyed look. She knew her name was weird, but she didnt like it when someone pointed that out. Before having any chance to retort Louis’ statement, a beautiful young lady came and dragged Louis’ arm. “Louie! Where have you been? Come on, brother, let’s go! Mom is waiting for us!” she said. Louis nodded, and before he went, he casted a smirk to Autumn and waved. “Bye, Autumn girl!” and in a blink of an eye, he was gone.
(She wished she would meet him again soon)


The sun almost went down, creating a gradation of orange beyond the clouds. Autumn sighed, realizing that she has been playing the flashback of their first meeting. A sad smile ghosted on her lips. If only she could go back to the past..

Apparently, both Autumn and Louis went to the same primary school. “Hey! Aren’t you that Autumn girl? Do you remember me?” asked a little stranger on the first day of school. Autumn closed her eyes, trying to remember. “Oh! You’re Louis, right?” she finally responded. Louis nodded, grinning. “Oh well, how could i forget someone who called me Autumn girl?” she mused. Louis’ grin got wider.
                Since that second meeting, they both were inseparable. They spent break together, had lunch together,  went home together, and the list goes on and on. Autumn and Louis were the power duo, the ultra-mega bestfriend.
“We’re like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, you know?” Louis commented, one day in their fifth grade.
“That’s uncool!” Autumn retorted.
“I know. Of course, you’re gonna be the old Mermaid Man. I mean, Mermaid Woman.” Louis said, smiriking. Autumn wrinkled her eyebrows, trying to picture herself in an orange suit, white hair and an oyster-like nose. She burst out laughing.
                There were many things that can make Autumn smile. And joking with Louis was one of the best reason to smile.

The sound of station’s bell made Autum shudder and ‘wake her up’ from her daydream. Her train, an old brown train had come and was ready to carry her. Autumn stood, her steps were slow but precise. She wasnt a little girl anymore. She was now a grown up, kind of. But her hair was still the color of fallen maple leaves during autumn, and her eyes were still brown, warm as the autumn air. Indeed, some things would never change. Like their friendship.
                Autumn stepped inside the train compartment.

“Louis! Our game is still on, right?” asked Roger, one of Louis’ classmates. Louis stopped his walk, turned her head and thought for awhile.
“Sorry dude, i have to go home with Autumn, or else we would miss the train”
Roger gave Louis a bewildered look. “Autumn?! Why the hell you hang out with a poor girl like her? You’re better than that!”
Right now, other students were looking at their direction. Whispers were exchanged. Louis was too furious to say anything. Anger radiated from his stormy grey eyes. He didnt need to hear another horrible words about Autumn. With one last glare, he turned his heels and hit his fist to Roger’s jaw. “Bastard,” he whispered.
                He couldnt find Autumn everywhere. Not at school, gate, anywhere. Nervously, he glanced to his watch. He decided to go to the station.
                And he was right. There Autumn sat, her legs were folded into her chest. Her tear-streaken cheeks were glistening under the evening sunlight. Louis sat beside her, precisely knowing what happened.
                “You dont have to be my friend, you know.” She sobbed. Louis looked at her with an are-you-kidding-me expression.
                “Hey, its not like I care about what they said. You’re my bestfriend and that’s it.” He said. Autumn looked at him. His blonde hair was windblown and messy, tie was thrown over his shoulder, and his shirt was messy. Out of all of them, his shoes were clean and shiny. Typical expensive leather shoes. ‘What an aristocratic badass,’ she mused inwardly.
                Maybe Autumn was poor. Yeah. But, in the times like this, she felt like the luckiest human alive to have someone like Louis as her bestfriend.

                Autumn liked to think about the future. About who becomes what, about who would change and who wouldn’t. She liked to imagine that she has become a succesful architect and make her parents happy, and prove to the world that she’s not one to be underestimated. Some time in her teenage years, she would imagine that she would marry someone handsome, kind, and charming. Just like the naive fairytales. And the face that appeared in her mind would always be Louis’ face. Damn!
                As she grew up and became a lot more mature, she realized that the future is a lot more abstract than what she imagined. Yes, she reached some of her dreams. But there was this one dream that couldn’t be achieved, how hard she tried.
(She opened the compartment’s window, and breathed the evening wind which started to get cold)
Because she couldn’t turn back time.

“What would you do if there was no me?” asked Louis, in their high school prom night. Autumn laughed.
“I don’t know, maybe playing video games and...... i dont know. My day would be silent without you, i guess.” Louis looked like he was having trouble speaking.
“No, I mean, if I’m gone. For long.” Autumn was quiet. Oh no, no,  is Louis going to move out of town?
And then Louis coughed, he excused himself to the bathroom with a heavy breath. Autumn was frustrated. Her gut told her something is wrong.

                Autumn arrived at her destinated station. She walked and walked, letting the street dust flew.
                She arrived.
                Crouching, she started to talk. Kind of a crazy thing to do, talking alone like this. But Autumn wouldn’t stop talking. There were so many stories that need to be told. About her. About life. About the ever-changing world that rotates around them. Louis deserved to know.
                “You know, Lou, I would happily be Mermaid Man, or Woman, whatever, as long as you’re here now. As long as we’re having conversation, you know, not me doing a monologue. You’re listening, right? I miss you.”
                Autumn smiled sadly. “See you next week. It’s supposed to be your twenty fifth birthday.” Autumn sat up, put a stalk of Carnation flower on the tombstone and then walked out of the cemetery. 
                She swore she could see Louis’ smile up above the clouds.


inspired by Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy from Harry Potter.
I think they do belong with each other.
Regards, Heidi:)
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