Monday, July 1

A Change of Name :o

text:2nd person(reader's POV)


Hi. I'm Heidira.

Yeah, we figured that out long ago. You're soooo lame.

No, wait, listen! This is interesting. Since a few days ago, I am no longer Heidira Witri Handayani.

What the hell do you mean?

I changed my name. Wait....more like, my name was changed.

Can you just explain?!

I lost the 'N' letter of Handayani. So right now and from now on, I'm Heidira Witri Hadayani.

Oh. I thought your name became something much more interesting, but apparently it got worse. How did that happen?

Yeah, well, I found out that my 'ijazah' is spelled in the wrong way, and it'd be so complicated to change both my SD and SMP 'ijazah' so everyone told me to just change my name in the Akta Kelahiran.

Poor you! How do you feel about your 'new' name, by the way?

I think it sucks. And sad, because I've been living for 15 years using this name. And because of this silly misfortunate event, I have to change my name for the REST OF MY LIFE. And actually this new name doesn't even have a meaning. The pronounciation even sounds horrible!!!
And lately I just figured out that if my name loses the 'N' letter, so I'm no longer heidirahan. which means my blog url name is invalid. I don't care. I'm still heidirahan for my self :')

Yes, I do think that names are a little bit overrated, it's just a name! Name doesnt define us. But I can't deny that little part of me that said "I don't feel the same way about myself..." Like, really. I had a tantrum everytime I think about my name for the last few days. 

Right now I'm trying to adapt to my new name. Oh, maybe someday when I grow old there will be a day when I don't even remember my real name. I hope that didn't happen.

Hey, dude, you're babbling.

Oh, right. Sorry. I always babble like this when I'm sleepy. Okay then, I better be going now. Bye bloggers!


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