Saturday, February 15

slammin sixteen

Alhamdulillah, I just turned sixteen last week. It's amazing how fast time passed.
Thank you for the the surprises, the presents, the birthday wishes, the photo collages, the videos, the prayers, but more importantly, thank you for being my friends. I can't ask for better friends (and families, too).
Semoga tahun ini bisa menjadi lebih baik. (dan lebih rajin, lebih dewasa, lebih stay calm).
Terimakasih ya Allah :)

Some pictures from mine and aik's birthday.

Tia drew this for me, isn't she sweet :3
The birthday video my friends made for me.

*P.S. Special thanks for Mom, Dad, Tia, Alek, Ifa, Tania, Aik, and my sis for the gifts!{}

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