Tuesday, August 5

A shuffled slideshow

late 2013-early 2014.
because when we look at it this way, life is good.

(Gili Trawangan, Lombok). Picturesque beaches, half-naked foreigners, native cultures and delicious seafoods.

(GLASS Smala Surabaya Camp, Tretes). Public speaking, horror stories, jacuzzi, and funfunfun.

(Aubade performance @ Balai Kota). Classmates in batik, off-key singing, hot weather, and free foods.

(E-Fest UNAIR). Third place, second trophy, running around campus, and mindblown by Mbak Aya,

(Hyatt, Jogjakarta). Short-time luxury, regretting not bringing a swimwear, and somewhat relaxed.

(MPDK 2014). Girly clothes, omg-my-crush-is-on-stage, tons of pictures, and simply a great night.

(H-2 Lebaran, Bayat, Klaten). Riding on top of car, THR money, togetherness, and big family.

(Luweng Ombo, Pacitan). Bumpy roads, Java's deepest vertical cave, and creepy.

(Pantai Klayar, Pacitan). Long road, steep cliffs, whispering wind, and crashing waves.
(Gunung Bromo). Traveling with Smalapala, chilly night air, tiring walk to the top, and worth it.

(Kaki Gunung Semeru). Another chilly night air, camping in a new tent, instant noodles, and feeling infinite.
(Committee of Bahasa Inggris S2LC 2014). Last day, euphoric, and the wonderful feeling of satisfaction.      

Basically this is me trying to sum up some interesting moments that I failed to post.
*95% of these photos are taken by phone camera

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