Wednesday, December 28

The Bakpiapia Experience

I am no stranger to Bakpia. Having used to them being brought for ‘oleh-oleh’ or just simply buying them, Bakpia is one of my favorite delicacies. I never really paid attention to brands of Bakpia other than the one I usually buy, until Bakpiapia.
a pic of me eating bakpiapia bcs why not 

I had the chance to taste this cute mini package of Bakpias, consisting of four different flavors, which is perfect if you want to taste a lot of varieties. First of all I like the packaging—it’s quite stylish for a food. From this alone you can tell that Bakpiapia is not your ordinary Bakpia, it’s a lot more.
cute packaging!

But of course, the best thing about Bakpiapia is the flavor. Before I proceed, you guys have to know that Bakpiapia is a brand that offers a selection of unique bakpia flavors. The traditional bakpias are either kacang hijau, chocolate, or cheese. But Bakpiapia brings fresh things to the table. There’s this ‘blasteran’ Bakpia with not one but two flavors in it, which is heeelllaaa good. But on this particular post I will focus on the ones that I tried a.k.a the four bakpias in the cute little box that I got:

  • ·        Cheese: One bite into it and you know that it’s cheese. It’s  so cheesy. Cheesy, as in, full of cheese, not the negative ‘cheesy.’ I don’t really like cheese in general, so I’m not really enjoying this one. But as far as cheese-related food goes, Bakpiapia goes all the way because the cheese filling is satisfactory.
  • ·         Pineapple: This tastes…….a bit like nastar?? This one bakpia has pineapple jam inside of it. The texture is soft, so it doesn’t get annoying when you bite into it. I needed several seconds to identify that it was indeed pineapple, because the taste is so natural—not overly sweet, which is good for those who doesn’t really like sweets, like me.
  • ·         Cappuccino: I like this one because the taste is so unique. I’ve never found a cappuccino bakpia before, anywhere. The cappuccino flavor is strong, in a sweet way.  So this one is really authentic without diminishing the taste of Bakpia itself.
  • ·         Chocolate: This is, hands down, my favorite flavor out of the four. The taste of chocolate is so strong for a bakpia, which I reeeaally love. I know that some chocolate-flavored snacks seem somewhat ‘halfhearted’ in their effort—not chocolate enough, or maybe artificially flavored. But honestly, this chocolate Bakpiapia is the best bakpia I’ve ever had. The chocolate really shines through, without being overwhelming. Bottom line, this one is my favorite.

Overall, aside from the flavors, Bakpiapia is a really good-textured Bakpia. Some Bakpia can be too soft, or too dense, but Bakpiapia is neither. It’s just so good.  My favorite part of eating bakpia is when I bite into the crisp outer layer of it and then tasting the rich inner filling—gosh, it’s heavenly. Bakpiapia got that too, so no worries! It might be sophisticated and unique, but it’s still your good ol’ bakpia, a Yogyakartan sweeatheart  <3

So next time you’re visiting Jogja or simply craving for a bakpia, just go straight to Bakpiapia. It will be very worth it. ;)

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