Monday, March 6

Hurricane Heart

—hurricane heart

for those who do not give up and conform.
darling, you are a force to be reckoned with.

for every time you have been silenced,
for every question left unanswered,
adds fuel to your fire.
because, darling, you are blessed with such sleepless rage.

stink eye and scathing chides saying you will not fit in to this world we live in,
darling, you should be grateful then—
you are not to be fooled nor tamed by the mundane reality.
you are infinite; in your bones is the universe itself.

your voice is the calm before a storm,
a gentle timidity concealing millions of accusations.
burning in your veins are the spirit of the restless youth,
one that dreams, desires, wonders.
one that never, ever, ever settle.

thus, next time somebody tells you to sit tight and be quiet,
show them you're a hurricane.

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