Tuesday, May 30

—The Black Book of Patriarchy—

The Black Book of Patriarchy

full content: bit.ly/blackbookofpatriarchy

'Do you know what patriarchy is?'
'Are you affected by it?'
'Are you victimized?'

Patriarchy is a culture where hierarchical relation puts men and masculinity above women. 
Patriarchy results in discrimination, oppression, objectification, stereotypes, and many others.

Raras and I created this project for Peace Studies class, bringing forward patriarchy as its theme.  Through this scrapbook, we want to capture patriarchy—a big narrative—from a more personal point of view to show just how patriarchy affects many different people in many different ways. Some becomes a direct victim, some are stuck in the paradigm of patriarchy as cultural and structural violence. Not only women, but also men could be victimized. We are trying to make more people understand how the term feminism and gender equality does not mean putting women above men, but rather, promoting the values of equality all human beings deserve.

For this project, we interviewed 14 students of IR UGM and remodeled some of their stories through poems and prose. Enjoy this project and spread the awareness.

With peace,
Heidira & Raras🌹
also check out this instagram page compiling our classmates' projects of peace: @damai.hiugm  

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