Saturday, October 22

Nature&Landscapes Amateur Photographs.

Hey bloggers! Long time no see. I'm back with a bunch of pics. These are my photographics. I know they're bad and whatsoever, but you know, I'm a total amateur. 
And FYI, nothing is edited. I just cropped them and resized them. NO EDIT. Camera? It's Canon EOS550D with no special features like addition lens or something else. Okay, check out!
Ini Aisa yang motret. Keren :3

Pandaan. In a restaurant.


It's a cave in Pangandaran, but I kinda forgot it's name. Sorry:D

Pangandaran's sunser


Its Merapi Mountain after the disaster

Another shot of after-accident Merapi.

A waterfall in Central Java, forgot its name. Maybe I should ask my mom.

Okay, thats all. Hope you like it and see you enxt time! Mwah:*

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