Friday, November 18

Giving Everything

It's kind of hard to believe that DetCon 2K11 is almost over. FYI, today is a day before the last day of DetCon and I don't know how I feel bout that. Lol. I mean, sure, I'm gonna be happy because the exhausting and troublesome things will be over (and I can back to school stuff). But, I like those times when I sneak in to the crowd, trying to get valuable pictures, or when I and Ifa just trying to get 'the-most-cheap-foods' in PTC, walking with empty stomach and numb feet. 

Maybe it sounds cliche, but It does feel like I'm getting new great experiences in DetCon 2K11: I met new friends, chasing deadline, getting upload trouble, feeling stupid because I don't have any good picture to upload, running to the bathroom as fast as possible because of the terrifying thought of cannot get into ballroom, saying hello to Shalimar, Liberty Grey, and others, and a bunch of another great moments.

I and Ifa are giving our best for this competition. We left school early, we missed important lessons ('til I dont even understand what the hell slope is), we missed ansamble practice, I missed OSN Preparation, etcetera. But we know, we have to do a big sacrifice to be the winner, we're sure about it. I hope the judges could see our sacrifices, our faith and optimism to be the first winner. And of course we wanna make our parents proud and happy, also our school, beloved 6 JHS Surabaya. We'd be so sad if we failed. (Naudzubillah mindzalik)

The important thing to say is: I don't regret my choice to compete in this venue. I had great moments (just like when I was like...10 centimeters away from Nino RAN), exhausting moments (like when I didn't sleep more than 5 hours in a day), terrifying moments (when i thought I can pass the deadline), embarassing moments (like when I upload the wrong pictures that has no connection to detcon itself) and many more. 
Surely, I hope I'm not gonna forget how it feels like to be a journalist, eventhough just an amateur one. This competition is something worth trying for. It's worth, it's really worth everything I gave into.

Because the winners have to walked through hard way to reach their success, right? So yes, I'm giving my best. IM READY FOR THE FIRST PLACE! Amin. O:)

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