Friday, November 18

I don't know;_;

it's easy for you to forget. oh, you dont even remember those moments.
those moments when you're not busy with your world
when we just laughed and talked about everything and nothing
when you chatted me using funny emotes

not that I don't like what you do these times, now
maybe I just missing the old you (eventhough I'm not sure what changed of you)
or maybe I'm just afraid to lose you

I don't understand why do I care so much about you
I don't know why I wanna cry when I see you cry
I don't know why I feel proud when you get something
I don't know why it feels kinda incomplete when you're not here with us
I don't know why do I want you to be right here

you're just my friend
I hope you recognize me as your friend too
Because I don't know why, somehow I syg you. (because its not 'love' and its not 'care', and no english could describe what I mean)


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