Monday, January 13

last holiday review!

Hi people on blogger!
I'm back again after for so long.
(I'm starting to hate myself for almost abandoning my blog)
The thing is, I wanted to post something but apparently my internet connection prevents me from uploading pictures. Which is sucks, because I wanna share my holiday story!
I'm deeply sorry :')

Semester-holiday 2013-2014

Alhamdulillah, the loooong days of school came to a temporary end. The long-awaited holiday was coming! These are the things I did!

Visiting the Nusakambangan Island
So, like any other holidays I've ever had, I always go to my grandma's home, which is in Purwokerto, East Java. We were bored there so we decided to drive a few hours to Cilacap, a nearby city. In Cilacap we visited Teluk Penyu Beach (which is not so scenic, so I was disappointed) But it turned out that we can cross to Nusakambangan Island from there! So we hopped to a boat and tadaaah!
Eastern Nusakambangan (not where the prison is) is so quiet, there weren't many tourist there. It's not a popular tourist destination, and it's kind of stranded in the middle of nowhere, but it's gorgeous. There were caves, forts from Dutch era, and Beaches. To reach those places we must walk for approx.15mins from the shore. But instead of walking we decided to ride this rickety vehicle through the woods. The lands were going uphill and downhill just like in a off-road tracks. It felt kind of challenging!
And then we arrived at the beach!!
Afterwards, we went back to Teluk Penyu and bought some souvenirs:D

in front of a 'fort' (kind of..)
The road to the beach

Last day of 2013 and New Year's Eve
I had an exciting last day of 2013. Guess what?! I was hanging out with my bestfriend, Endah. And Dina too. We went to Grand City mall to watch a movie, eat lunch, just chilling. I reaaally miss Endah so yeaah I was so happy to meet her again!
 On the New Year's Eve, me and Tania went to mbak Della's sweet17 birthday party! Its a little awkward because it was our first time going aaannd we were the only 10th graders so yeah :"
But it was quite fun!

See you on the next post aaanddd HAPPY NEW YEAAARRRRR!

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